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Nine local schools meet at Swain, View gallery


Story and photos by Steve Harrison

On Saturday morning as the thermometer was reading -1F, several local schools from the area converged in Swain for some boys and girls section V skiing.  Schools taking part on the brisk day were Hornell, Arkport-Cansaraga, Wayland-Chohocton/Dansville, Keshequa, York, Haverling, Batavia, Alfred-Almond and Livonia/Geneseo.  

Schools took part in the Giant Slalmon and Slalmon in boys and girls modified and varsity divisions.

Top girls varsity finishers in the Giant Slalmon:

1- Maureen Stuckey Arkport-Cansaraga 48.61 sec      

2- Kirsten VanDorn Keshequa  50.31 sec

3- Emma Jo Pierce Keshequa 53.73 sec

Top boys varsity finishers in Giant Slalmon: 

1- Andrew Slade Livonia 46-77 2-

Nate Morey Arkport Cansaraga 47.39 3-

Joe Bauch Arkport Cansaraga 47.78

Top girls varsity slalmon finishers

1- Maureen Stuckey Arkport-Cansaraga combined time 1:15.71

2- Kirsten Vandorn Keshequa combined time 1:23.89

3- Emma Jo Pierce Keshequa combined time 1:28.87

Top finishers for each school in Girls GS       

Kirsten Vandorn Keshequa Maureen Stuckey

Ark-Can Reanna Tierney

Hornell Emma Pribanich

Liv-Gen Callie Little

WayCo-Dans  Lily Wagner

Batavia Sophia Becken Haverling

Top Finishers for each school in Boys GS

Andrew Slade Liv-Gen

Nate Morey Ark-Can

Jude Luther Kesh

Ben Teed WayCo-Dans

Andrew Davis Hornell

Ben Stone Batavia

Top finishers in girls Slalmon for each school

Kirsten VanDorn Kesh

Maureen Stuckey Ark-Can

Reanna Tierney Hornell

Alissa Kaufman Liv/Avon

Maryli Nielsen WayCo-Dans

Lily Wagner AA

Top finishers in boys Slalmon for each school

Chas Doerflinger Liv-Gen

Joe Bauch Ark-Can

Ben Byrnes AA

Ben Teed WayCo-Dans

Andrew Davis Hornell

Jude Luther Keshequa     

Ben Stone Batavia

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