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Reader question: When will the Town of Wellsville move into the new headquarters?


Inquiring minds ask, Supervisor Shad Alsworth answers

By Andrew Harris

Our good friend and matriarch of a great local family, Sally Dannheim was nominated by her friends to get some answers about the new Town of Wellsville facility on Hanover Street.

She asked, “When are the town offices and equipment moving to the new Hanover Street building ?”

We asked Wellsville Town Supervisor Shad Alsworth and had an answer within minutes:

“The highway portion is expected to be occupied this fall… the office side is expected to be by the end of 2024”

Sally was updated immediately and before too long, she asked a natural follow-up question:

“Is the delay for the offices due to inability to purchase needed materials to complete the office project ? I’m confused, as others are and I was NOMINATED to find out !”

That new question was put to Alsworth immediately and he fired back a detailed answer:

“There are several reasons for the delays.  We have struggled thru COVID with students from Alfred State not available to perform the work because of shut-downs….delays in Engineering because of staffing shortages…..delays in receiving materials when ordered….

The primary focus of the Town Board is not the speed in which the building project is completed.  We are persistent in saving taxpayers money by utilizing the services of the Alfred State students whenever possible, following bidding procedures for materials whenever feasible (materials are often available or “in stock” from only one source) and ensuring that we plan for future needs and expansions in all decisions.  This process is a lot simpler in the private sector.  There are a lot of “checks and balances” to navigate when performing a build in this manner as a government agency.

Saving the taxpayers an estimated $500,000 by following this process remains our primary objective.”

This update on the Town of Wellsville building project on Hanover Street in Wellsville is thanks to Sally Dannheim, who says her motto is, “Inquiring minds what to know!”

Thanks Sally and Supervisor Alsworth for using the Wellsville Sun to communicate and keep informed!

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