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B-R’s Sibble wins states! Heartbreaking loss with 2 seconds left in OT for Wellsville’s Davidson in state wrestling finals



Bolivar-Richburg’s Trent Sibble had everything going against him in the state finals on Saturday night at the MVP Arena in Albany.

Sibble faced #1 seed, Tristen Hitchcock (49-1) of Warrensburg/Lake George.

Sibble’s lead was suddenly a tie on a call the officials discussed for over two minutes. The call went against him and the match was tied 2-2.

However, with less than 30 seconds left and the match appearing to go into overtime, Sibble made a gutsy decision to try to turn Hitchcock. He used his legs to control his opponent and worked a tilt just long enough for two back points.

He held on for the 4-2 victory, jumped up and ran to hug the nearest Taylor (the family coaching tree at B-R).

Sibble finishes the season as the New York State Champion at 285 pounds with a 54-1 record. He has a full scholarship to wrestle at Division I Binghamton.

Bolivar-Richburg had a great showing at states including the electrifying Tayvn MacDonnell, who had three great wins to make the finals where he was finally stopped by Ousmane Duncanson.

Davidson almost gets points with second left in overtime.

In the 189 finals, Shane Davidson came so close to a state title. Davidson will never have to guess ‘what if.’

The Wellsville senior tried to get a victory at the end of the first overtime and his undefeated opponent, Andrew Bailey of Section III’s Chittenango (41-0).

However, with seconds left, Bailey was able to get a takedown with seconds left and scored back points at the buzzer for a 7-3 victory.

Bailey came in the #2 seed, Davidson the #5 seed.

Wnen the match started, Davidson almost got on his back, was able to escape and took Bailey down for a 2-0 lead. Davidson was able to ride Bailey out the rest of the first. Bailey did get up once, but the two went out of bounds. 

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Bailey took bottom to start the second and Davidson almost turned Bailey for back points with 1:17 left in the second, Davidson kept trying to roll Bailey to get back points, but was unable. At this point, even the television announcers were shocked Davidson was only up 2-0 as he was dominating the match.

Bailey got a key escape with 50 seconds left in the second period to cut the lead to 2-1. Davidson tried a take down and appeared to slip and Bailey was able to get a take down with 14 seconds left and a 3-2 lead.

Davidson was on bottom to start the third. With 54 second left, Davidson got a dramatic escape to tie the match at 3-3.

Like Sibble, Davidson tried for the last second win. However, he was injured trying to throw Bailey and the two went out of bounds. No points were awarded with two seconds left.

With 45 seconds left before Davidson would have to forfeit for injury, he stood up and continued, forcing the overtime

In overtime, both wrestlers started in neutral, Bailey got the takedown and back points with two seconds left to win, 7-3.

A story on Shane’s incredible run to the finals:

Video of Davidson’s upset pin and victory:

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