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Congressman Langworthy embraces Grover Norquist, “wholeheartedly condemns socialism”


Recent moves by the freshman from the 23rd Congressional District define “conservative”

Pictured, Grover Norquist overlooks Langworthy signing his “no tax increase” pledge

By Andrew Harris

If you are a fiscal conservative, a dyed-in-the-wool capitalist, or a “Reagan Republican,” in the 23rd Congressional District of NY; newly elected Nick Langworthy is singing your favorite tunes.

The recent press communications from the Congressman’s office make strong statements about socialism and taxation.

Grover Norquist has been a anti-tax force in Washington for decades. He is famous for asking one simple, yet powerful request of candidates and elected officials: Promise to never raise taxes.

Langworthy proudly signed the pledge, only a month after taking office.

Congressman Nick Langworthy Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Nick Langworthy was joined by Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist yesterday to sign the Taxpayer Protection Act, pledging to not raise taxes on hardworking Americans.

“Hardworking Americans are being pushed to the brink by a federal government that taxes and spends too much. I am following through on my commitment to protect taxpayers because people should be able to keep more of their hard-earned income. I want to thank Americans for Tax Reform  for their dedication to this issue and I look forward to being a true champion for taxpayers in Congress,” said Congressman Langworthy.

Not long after that announcement, Langworthy’s office made another statement: He condemns socialism, “wholeheartedly.”

Congressman Nick Langworthy Wholeheartedly Condemns Socialism

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, February 2, Congressman Nick Langworthy voted to condemn socialism and released the following statement:  

“It’s a sad state of affairs that in America—the beacon of freedom for the entire world—we must vote to condemn socialism, but that is where we are today,” said Congressman Nick Langworthy. “There has been a pervasive and systematic attempt by the left to normalize this radical ideology that eradicates individual liberty and prosperity. We must forcefully fight back and make clear that America, the land of the free, must never allow socialism to take root in our country,” said Congressman Nick Langworthy

Wikipedia defines Socialism:

“Socialism is a political philosophy and movement encompassing a range of economic and social systems, which are characterised by social ownership of the means of production, with an emphasis on democratic control, such as workers’ self-management, as opposed to private ownership.”

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