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Housing issues aren’t simple, explains Belmont longtime landlord


“I do not know of any landlord who wants to lose money”

I have lived in Belmont my sixty two years of life. When my father died in  1998, I inherited his house. That is when I became a landlord. When my grandmother went to live in a nursing home in 2004, I inherited what I turned into another rental property. I have since owned several other rental properties in Belmont and Amity.

I feel the need to address some erroneous things written in Brock Mapes’s letter to the editor January 18, 2023. A landlord can not evict a tenant in New York State at a moment’s notice making anyone suddenly homeless. Also he writes what he perceives as a problem being the landlords who charge more for rent than the mortgage. I do not know of any landlord who would not charge more than the mortgage. This would be a fool who would do that. A landlord also has to pay property taxes, insurance and sometimes utilities. Then there is maintenance and regular upkeep. If the landlord were not to charge more than the mortgage, they would lose money every day. I do not know of any landlord who wants to lose money. That is not how the world works.

Barbara Woolston

Belmont NY

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