Allegany County Sheriff Whitney wrapping up five decades of public service, social media reacts


“After over 49 years my last day to wear a uniform. Going to be a big change.”

By Andrew Harris

One of the longest law enforcement careers in Allegany County history is ending this week. Lawman Rick Whitney of Bolivar leaves law enforcement after three terms as Allegany County Sheriff.

Before he was elected county Sheriff, Whitney was the Bolivar NY Chief of Police for many years. His time as the top cop in Allegany county was marked by something few elected officials can brag on: Stability. Whitney and his team didn’t have any scandals or big mistakes or big reforms. The pandemic, bail reform, “defund the police,” and massive social change did not seem to impact the work of the Sheriff.

So let’s celebrate this good man and the good work he has done for our county and communities.

Here is what the social media buzz has to say about Whitney’s last day in uniform:

Tracie D Edwards: “Have a great last day! Thanks for your service”

KM Horton: “Congratulations Rick, thank you for your years of dedication & service to the people of Allegany County. It was a pleasure serving under you. We wish you & Lois the best. Enjoy your retirement, you have earned it. 💙

Alan Windus: “You have earned all those future days off. Congratulations and Thank You.”

Kelly Madden Cumpston “Enjoy your retirement and thank you for your service and being a great boss. We will miss you!

Terri Langworthy Ingalls: “Thank you for serving and protecting us Rick. The next guys got a BIG pair of shoes to fill. Congratulations on retirement and best of luck to your successor.

Terri Maxwell: “Enjoy your retirement Uncle Rick, I’m sure it will give you lots of time to go on adventures with Aunt Lois.”

Jeff Bruhl: “I’m glad we got to work together…you and Kevin Monroe kept Allegany County NY a safe place to live the last 12 years…both of yall enjoy your retirement…”

Mike Donner: “Please be careful, there’s too many movies about cops on their last day of work. Enjoy your future!”

Lauren Cicirello: “Congratulations and thank you Sheriff! Enjoy retirement. 🎉

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