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NY State’s first legal cannabis dispensary opens


Take a peak at the Housing Works Cannabis Company in New York City

By Andrew Harris

The Empire State’s new legal cannabis market officially opened today in the Big Apple. Dignitaries attended a ribbon cutting, shook hands, made short speeches, and the new business was now in the history books as the first ever in the state.

The Housing Works Cannabis Company is on Broadway, mid-town Manhattan, and priced accordingly.

Outside of being the first in the state to open the door, this dispensary isn’t much different than the thousands of others throughout the country. They sell cannabis by the flower, edible, vape, prerolls(big fancy joints,) and with a good number of strains or varieties.

One prerolled cannabis cigarette from Florist Farms is $18 and you can choose from a handful of options, both sativas(for concerts) and indica(before a late dinner.) If you purchase a little five-pack, it is $44, a signficant savings.

For the vapers, the Housing Works Cannabis Company has almost two dozen options for a one gram vape cartridge. They appear to be priced in a range from $45 to $95.

For those who just want to buy some good old fashioned marihuana, they also sell a variety of flowers, or the raw plant that people would smoke in a pipe, bong, vaporizer, hookah, or good old fashioned joint.

They offer raw cannabis in lots of flavors from three different farms: Wedding Cake(Florist Farms,) Royal Kush(LOBO Cannagar,) and a “Premium Flower” from the Back Home Cannabis Company. The standard personal portion, one-eighth of an ounce, ranges from $40 – $60 dollars. Consumers can purchase a half ounce of cannabis for $130, plus tax.

For now the payments are CASH ONLY and they promise to start online ordering and delivery services soon.

Visit the website :

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