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Family rescues stranger, provides “shelter from the storm” reports on a heartwarming Christmas story

A local woman received a call on Christmas Eve, “Hi, you don’t know me but I have your brother.”

The woman’s brother’s name is Joey. He is 64 years old and mentally disabled. Joey works at The North Park Theater so his sister believes he went there Thursday, got scared and stayed over, and then decided to walk back to his home.

A woman named Sha’Kyra Aughtry heard someone crying and asking for help. Her boyfriend Trent went outside to look and found Joey and carried him out of the snow bank and into their home.

Joey was so frozen they had to cut his socks off, use a hairdryer to dry his pants that were frozen to his legs, and cut the straps of a Wegmans bag from his hands.

Sha’Kyra, a mother of three children, fed Joey, cleaned him, washed his clothes, gave him warm blankets and did everything she could to make him comfortable until she could find help.

Sha’Kyra had family FaceTime Joey, which he was fascinated by, to keep him preoccupied from the pain. This is such a heartfelt story, it’s almost unbelievable.

Had it not been for Sha’Kyra, Joey would have died.

The frostbite on Joey’s hands looked like it was turning gangrene. Helpless, Sha’Kyra posted a plea on Facebook for emergency help. Kind strangers came to Sha’Kyra’s home and plowed and carried Joey outside wrapped in a blanket to their truck to drive him to the hospital.

Sha’Kyra took the ride with Joey to the hospital so he would feel safe. “No one is going to hurt you honey,” she said to him as they arrived and nurses took him into their care.

Joey had fourth degree frostbite. He is currently in the burn unit at ECMC.

Joey’s sister says Sha’Kyra Aughtry saved her brother’s life. What she and her boyfriend did is an act of pure love.

We’ve never seen a story like this before. It’s truly remarkable.

God bless Sha’Kyra.

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