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From Gabby’s family: Homecoming planned, please consider helping with recovery


Gabby posts a video thank you, progress with arm movement

Sportslocker has started a fund, GoFundMe link below

From the family of Gabby Kranock:

A little after 1:00 a.m. on September 3, 2022, Lisa and Denis Kranock had their world turned upside down. They received that dreaded phone call that all parents fear! Their beautiful and feisty daughter, Gabby, was hit by a drunk driver while standing in a lawn celebrating the last day of summer break with friends before starting her senior year in high school. She had just turned 18 a few days earlier. The underage drunk driver also tragically took the life of Gabby’s friend and seriously injured another. She was transported to ECMC in Buffalo, NY via Mercy Flight. As a result of the crash, Gabby is now paralyzed below her shoulders and remains hospitalized today.

Gabby was sedated for a time after being admitted, and a ventilator and feeding tube were helping her sustain life. She has endured multiple back and neck surgeries, internal injuries including a collapsed lung, insertion of a tracheal tube, trouble keeping her pulse, blood pressure and heart rate stabilized, and suffering DAILY pain in varying degrees of intensity since the crash. Because Gabby is a true fighter and warrior, she has overcome several obstacles and has progressed with her healing wonderfully to now be participating in physical therapy. Very recently Gabby’s hard work and perseverance has truly paid off. Her trach tube has been permanently removed which means she is breathing unassisted and completely on her own now! The very best news, however, is that she has finally gained some movement in her right arm!! All of her hard work, perseverance, and dedication is paying off. Now, all that is left for Gabby to do is reach her physical therapy goals, so she can go home and be in the loving and supportive arms of her entire family where she belongs!! 

Gabby has set a goal to be discharged from the hospital by December 15th. With Gabby’s permission and excitement, we will all have the chance to line the streets of Cuba and welcome her home together. The Cuba Fire Department has graciously volunteered to escort Gabby into town with lights flashing and sirens blaring! The route, date, and time of this event will depend on Gabby’s discharge, which is not set just yet. We hope that anyone attending this wonderful event will wear red (Gabby’s favorite color) and make some creative welcome home signs to include her basketball number, #15.

We want to make this magical event a night that Gabby will never forget and will reflect upon fondly for years to come!

The Kranocks need to have a wheelchair van in order for Gabby to do any traveling outside of her home. She will be provided transport to and from hospital, doctor, and physical therapy appointments in a medical van, but will otherwise be confined to her home. Gabby will never be able to go anywhere with her family if they do not get a wheelchair van of their own. That would be an immense tragedy for Gabby considering all that she has already been through and will continue to go through as she has a long road of recovery ahead. Speaking of wheelchairs, she will need a very expensive customized power chair to suit her specific injuries that insurance will only partially cover. Although we all believe that Gabby has a miracle awaiting her and she will regain complete control over her body and will walk again, it could take years to happen and the necessity for her to have a wheelchair van and a power chair is desperately needed now! Used wheelchair vans are upwards of $40,000-50,000!

Gabby has lost the use of her body and her independence. She will never play her beloved basketball again or be able to practice routines as the talented and decorated gymnast that she is. She loves the outdoors and frequently hiked and went kayaking with friends and family. Sadly, she will not be able to enjoy that part of her life anymore either. Gabby has lost way too much, we cannot let her lose the ability to travel beyond her home!

It would be greatly appreciated if you would consider donating to this wonderful family. A GoFundMe has been set up and a shirt fundraiser has been launched by Sports Locker in Olean, NY. There are options for local pick-up or shipping when the fundraiser ends. Let’s get this family the ability to make memories outside of their home with Gabby by helping them raise the necessary funds to provide her with special wheels!!

We are still showering Gabby with cards while she remains in the hospital. She looks forward to receiving her mail every day. The cards are a huge highlight of her day and they keep a permanent smile on her face!


462 Grider St


8th Floor – Room #801

Buffalo, NY 14215

The Kranocks have been overwhelmed with the continuous outpouring of love and support from the community. They are beyond appreciative and so thankful for the blessings! 



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