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By John Tucker

Poll of the Week: Should the Allegany County Sheriff Department go on the offensive


The question of a “road patrol” and a “drug task force” for our readers

By Andrew Harris

The big news today in Allegany County was the announcement that veteran lawman Walt Mackney will be the new Undersheriff. Mackney will serve as the wingman to newly elected Scott Cicirello who will succeed current Sheriff Rick Whitney who is retiring from decades in law enforcement.

The Cicirello-Mackney duo is a big change for Allegany County. Both men are ex-NYS Troopers with extensive investigation background. Mackney is known to me for two things:

  1. The still-active lawman managed the Southern Tier Drug Task Force for many years. That operation instilled fear in the hearts of drug dealers in Western New York under Mackney’s watch. He still works the “beat,” and is a big part of the Alfred State College Police Academy.
  2. Walt was the first police officer to ever pull me over. I still recall the encounter like it was yesterday and you will have to read the narrative of that event when the poll results are released. Teaser, I recklessly passed a unmarked NYS trooper in 1993 and it was a big mistake.

You can vote on this poll for the next week. The multi-questions poll allows for multiple answers but you can only vote once.

The future of law enforcement is changing fast in Allegany County as new-generation Sheriff takes office.

Will we continue on the path of a small conservative county law enforcement footprint ?

Will the frustrations over state bail reform policy provoke a county response that will expand the sheriff’s department ?

Thanks for voting and thanks to Hart’s Jewelry in Wellsville, our weekly poll sponsor !!

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