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The return of Denton Hill skiing?


Potter County considers abandoned winter destination a year-round opportunity

By Andrew Harris

When the Philadelphia Inquirer does a full page piece on Potter County it is typically a big news story. Recently the big city news took an interest in Denton Hill, once a gem of “God’s Country” USA.

Closed since 2014, the Pennsylvannia State Park venue had a peak in 1977 and some considered the, “Avalanche,” the steepest slope in the northeastern range.

Potter County officials and residents would love to be able to get this resort back into the local economy by not only reviving the wintertime skiing, but by creating a four season attraction. Many small ski resorts have diversified by offering warm weather recreations, like the Holiday Valley ropes course challenge.

The key is finding that special group of people who are ready to invest in the future of Denton Hill.

Read the full story from the Inquirer

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