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By Deb Brandes

Letter to the Editor, and Bob Lonsberry


“I can also understand your concern…..”

Dear Mr. Lonsberry,

I live nearby in Wellsville and can understand your regret and sadness about losing a team name that you and your family have identified with for generations.  I can also understand your concern with the system that you perceive is taking that name away from you.  

From what I have come to understand, these emotions are similar to feelings that Native Americans have had for generations about their culture being disrespected. My daughter is married to an Ojibwe Indian and he has really opened my eyes to hurtful things that we, as the dominant culture, don’t realize we do.

 If changing Canisteo’s school mascot name helps heal wounds, isn’t it a good thing to do?  

Amanda Oglesbee

Wellsville, NY

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