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By Lacey Gardner

Electric vehicle charging stations popping up in Allegany County


Cuba now offering a free charging station at The Inn at 28

By Andrew Harris

The inevitable emergance of the electric vehicle(EV) is starting to show signs of life in Allegany County. Since the birth of Tesla or the news that major motor vehicle manufactuarers are retiring combustion engine products, very little progress has occurred. Only a few locals have been driving EV’s and they largely use private charging stations.

While Allegany County might not be embracing the EV future full throttle, two recent bits of news indicate progress.

Sun Columnist Bob Confer reported to us this week that Quicklee’s Plaza in Belmont on I-86 now has a EV charging station. This from the Quicklee’s Facebook page:

“Big News, from YOUR Local Convenience Store Chain! 📢😀

We are excited to announce the availability of ChargePoint Fast Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles at our Avon Travel Center, Batavia, and Belmont locations!

Shop Quicklee’s, and support a local business that cares about, and invests in the community you love! To find a YOUR local Quicklee’s, visit

Will the new Wellsville Quicklee’s coming in 2023 bring the first EV charging station to town ?

That isn’t the only news about the EV industry in Allegany County. The Village of Cuba and The Inn at 28 have partnered to provide a free charging station, and for everyone!

“FREE EV chargers! Use the driveway directly across from The Cuba Cheese Shoppe on the inn property. Questions? Call +15852969231. 🌎🌳♻️ We teamed up with The Village of Cuba to get them in and we pay the electric.”

The future of the EV market in Allegany County will be interesting. EV’s are currently priced very high for a county with nearly the lowest per capita income in the state.

Could projects like Cuba’s “free fuel” change the dynamic for households who are still under financial stress from recent gas prices?

Diesel fuel still stands at about $6/gallon. Free, or even very cheap charging stations could really change the life of a road warrior or trucking company.

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