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Town of Scio awarded $1,530,000 for water project


Governor Hochul announced yesterday that $638 million awarded statewide for water projects

By Andrew Harris

Many local governments received the word yesterday that New York State would be providing much needed financial help for some big projects. The town of Scio was on the list and the funding signals a green light for a critical water project, as soon as the town approves.

Town Supervisor Jon Elliott explained that the big money will be needed for a new water storage tank. These days, when a little town like Scio needs a new water tank it comes with a $2,550,000 price tag.

While the state won’t be paying the entire cost, Scio has a plan to finance the balance of the project. Elliott explains that the balance, about one million, will be financed with a low interest loan over the next 38 years. The current town supervisor went on to give credit to prior supervisor Kim Demick.

“Kim did all the work on this while in office, I’ve just been waiting to hear the results. Given our demographics we got the most grant money possible,” Elliott stated.

While the town hasn’t voted to accept the funds or continue with the project yet, the plan is to complete the project without a tax increase. Elliott explained that the payments on the debt will be made via a slight increase in Scio’s water bill. Only residents who use the public water system will be asked to pay a small increase. “It looks like about $6 per month on the average water bill,” Elliott explained.

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