Results from the three most watched elections in Allegany County


Angelica, Alma, and Burns make clear choices for key offices

By Andrew Harris

Election night in Allegany County NY has a noticable lack of local politics this year. I think our most exciting race isn’t even NY!! It is Fetterman-Oz in Pennsylvania because we just don’t have much going on locally.

It is pretty clear that Hochul wins Governor, Langworthy wins the 23rd Congressional seat, and we won’t mention the many uncontested winners or the many positions that had NO CANDIDATE. Participation in government, and civics in general, is at an all time low.

Allegany County did have three elections worth keeping an eye on. In the village of Angelica, two new trustees were elected. Jan Tylenda and Craig H. Miller, both Republicans have bested the Democrat Linda S. Cash by a substantial margin.

Village of Angelica: reported:1 of 1100.00%
Linda S. Cash (DEM)9017.34%
Jane Tylenda (REP)17032.76%
Craig H. Miller (DEM, REP)25949.90%

In the tumultous Town of Alma, two candidates for the town Highway Superintendent vyed for a job that has a wild recent history. Tom Dannheim, the Republican, has easily defeated Shaun Taylor who ran on his own independent line.

The Town of Alma was also asked to vote on a proposition which would have turned the Highway Superintendent job into a appointed position before the next election cycle. With an 71% vote of NO, it appears that the people of Alma would prefer to keep this an elected position.

Town of Alma: reported:1 of 1100.00%
Tom Dannheim (REP)19465.76%
Shaun Taylor (TFH)9833.22%
Town of Alma: Prop 11 of 1100.00%

In the Town of Burns, the write-in ballots indicate how heated this election was. Voters turned out to select their next Town Justice and the Republican candidate Dustin L. Gordon edged out the Democrat, Taylor A. Karnes by a six point margin, which was only twenty five votes.

Town of Burns: reported:1 of 1 100.00% Ballots: 432

Taylor A. Karnes (DEM)159 38.88%

Dustin L. Gordon (REP)184 44.99%

Write-in 66 16.14%

Total 409 100.00%

In the Town of West Almond, a question was posed to voters on the ballot. Should the town clerk job be changed from an elected position to an appointed position ? The vote was a very close YES, a major change in that local government by just 4 votes!!

Congratulations to the candidates and to all who ran for office. Stay tuned for our coverage from John Anderson with the newly-elected Allegany County Sheriff Scott Cicirello!!

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