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Sweet weather eases the blow of daylight savings


Wear shorts this weekend and welcome the darkness

By Andrew Harris, weather from

I can’t remember a nicer October, or early November. The typical wet-snow with lots of nasty days didn’t happen. As the Master Gardener Mary Lou Wells noted in a recent report, our first major frost in Allegany County was about two weeks later than average. The last month of weather has been something to be grateful for while the inevitable awaits.

The forecast looks like the weekend will be great and with highs near seventy.

The bad news is that 2am on Sunday morning, the clocks fall back one hour. “Hello darkness my old friend,” But don’t be all that distraught because the weather will continue to be unseasonally warm with lots of sunshine all next week! Forecasters at are predicting the first mostly cloudy, possibly rainy day will be Veterans Day, Friday November 11th.

Fierce winds, ice, snow, back breaking cold, and polar vortex are headed this way.

That isn’t going to happen for at least seven days.

My theory is that humans can “bank” solar energy, like a walking battery. As the darkness becomes normal again we can tap into certain energy reserves to keep us from getting sick or depressed. You can charge up those reserves with enough sunshine, fresh air, and of course intention. Yes, if you want to put a deep charge on your “battery,” you have to flip the switch to “charge.”

Like plugging in a phone to charge or directing a solar panel to charge a battery, you have to tell yourself, “I’m going to walk five miles for a recharge,” or, “I’m going to put my bathing suit on, pull out a beach chair, read a book, and put some vitamin D in the bank!” You can’t just accidently get a recharge from the sun, it is not like a sunburn.

You’ve got another week of sunny warm weather ahead to enjoy. Get the family or some pals and do something that allows you to charge up that battery. Hang out at Island Park! Walk the WAG Trail, sit outside at Kent Beer Company and drink beer, get the kayaks on the river, ride the self-guided bike tours in Cuba, or try the new Wellsville Walking Map !

Head to Alfred NY and mingle with the college world. Visit Palmer’s Pond state forest, eat at the Rosebush!

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