The Giant Food Mart Bakery has great news!!


New items, and some in-house, “salt-rising,” innovations

Giant Bakery has new items to offer customers

By Andrew Harris

Have you noticed the bakery in Giant Food Mart is looking pretty delicious? The process of constant improvement by the new owners at Giant has really improved the bakery, and added some cool new items. A big part of that improvement has been a bakery manager who is learning new skills and expanding the best bakery in town.

Store owner Nick Kusmierski talks about Bakery Manager Brenda Bierman:

“We have had Brenda, the Bakery manager at Wellsville Giant, train with our Bakery team in the North Tonawanda Market in the Square. She spent a few days there to learn some of the items that are crowd favorites at our West Seneca and North Tonawanda locations. 

Brenda has done a great job learning these items and bringing them back to Wellsville to train her team in the Bakery. “

Some of the items : Almond Bear Claws, Cheese Bars, Cruffins (a cross between a muffin and a croissant!), Biscuit Cinnamon Rolls, Maple Walnut Butter Cookies.

According to the Giant team, learning items like these take a bit of time, but it is worth it.

“Making items like these fresh instore is certainly something that makes the product that much better,” Kusmierski said.

Additionally, the Bakery team has started to innovate!!

They are trying to perfect a recipe for salt rising english muffins, as well as a salt rising pizza dough. Repeat that: Salt Rising Muffins and Salt Rising Pizza Dough!!

The team is very excited to be trying out different recipes to make a product that everyone enjoys.

Innovation is clearly important to the new owners and they understand that employees excel when given the chance, explains Nick:

“We were able to sample some of the items Brenda and the other bakers have made and they are, rightfully very proud of their work! It is nice to see them excited to try new things and be successful at it.”

We still have more improvements and ideas that we plan to implement this year and lots planned for 2023. Our team is working hard each and every day to bring those plans to fruition! More to come!”

While you are in the bakery don’t miss the big sale at the butcher shop! The “7-Day Meat Sale” is on until Sunday!!

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