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I write the words to share what my eyes see and my heart feels

Yesterday was another special day in that another Birthday had taken place. I did not want to mingle its announcement with my normal Wrambling’s so sent a Facebook Happy Birthday separately to our daughter Kristin.

Upon her graduation from Scio Central School in 1993 I wrote her a poem celebrating her Birthday and celebrating that step into life and beyond.

Although appreciative, I doubt that she was of an age that would appreciate the philosophy of a drab piece of writing like that, especially from her father. I sent her a message later Thursday on this year’s Birthday expressing my self-disappointment in not mentioning her day in my Sun article, but that I would make up for it later. I am pretty sure that all she expected was another picture re-post of her at an early age in curlers, or to share once again the most “speshul” Father’s Day card ever received, but that will not be my belated gift today.

I will share those words given to her in 1993 and to tell her that she has taken many of those steps toward what that poem indicated and that we are very proud of the woman that she has become.

Happy Belated Birthday Kristin (Wiser) Kincaid and wishes for your continued happiness and success.

Mom and Dad,

Maybe Chuck should take Kristin out for dinner ??

The Rosebush sounds nice…

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