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Bill Pullman and “The Sinner” featured series on Netflix as Season 4 is released



Fans of “The Sinner” have been waiting for this date to watch season four of “The Sinner” starring Hornell’s Bill Pullman.

Pullman was nominated for a Best Actor award and the series was nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe. Jessica Beil and Pullman received three nominations from major award shows for their work over the 32 episodes.

The series is set in a small New York town as Pullman as Harry Ambrose, is a haunted detective hunting for answers about perplexing crimes while wrestling with his own demons.

Starring: Bill Pullman, Jessica Biel, Carrie Coon

From “What’s On Netflix: “Bill Pullman reprised his role as Harry Ambrose, the police detective investigating a brand new and final case for season 4. He’s recruited while on a retreat to a small island with Sonya (played by Jessica Hecht) where a tragedy has occurred with the daughter of a prominent island figure.

Newcomers for season 4 of The Sinner include Alice Kremelberg as Percy Muldoon, Michael Mosley as Colin Muldoon, Frances Fisher as Meg Muldoon, and Cindy Cheung as Stephanie Lam.”

Critics give The Sinner a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes and the viewers agree with the A+ rating.

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