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Weekly poll results: Should Allegany County purchase Medical Transport Service?


556 readers voted as legislators made a decision

By Andrew Harris

Our first attempt at polling readers about the pressing question of the week was a success. 44.1% voted, “Yes, EMS services are vital,” 32.6% voted, “No, EMS services are not the role of county gov’t,” and 23.4% voted, “I’m not sure, will need more information.”

Allegany County legislators and administration were thrown a major “hot potato” issue last week when Medical Transport Services approached the board as a potential buyer. Because of the changing landscape of emergency medical services in Allegany County, and the real fear that 911 calls could go unanswered, the decision was a weighty one.

The decision made by the county largely agreed with the opinions of the readers, the vote of 11 yay, 2 nay approved up to $600,000 investment in Medical Transport Service Inc. Our poll results indicate that the public has plenty of doubts.

Just over 44% of voters agreed with that decision, but 32.6% said EMS services didn’t belong under government control. 23.4% of votes, along with Sun Editor John Anderson, chose the third option in the survey, “I’m not sure.” Read that column by Anderson below along with more details from the county perspective with county administrator Carissa Knapp.

Thanks to all who voted, or checked the results throughout the week. Our next poll will be posted on Monday, your ideas for questions are always welcome at

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