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Allegany County District 4 Legislator Gary Barnes: “We are way underpaid”


Legislator Adam Cyr would refuse any pay increase

County Legislators make comments during Tuesday county budget meeting

By Andrew Harris

“The legislature hasn’t had a pay increase in over 22 years now. I think it is time that we take a serious look at what we are paying legislators. I think we are way underpaid. Take the 8500 dollars in 2000, and the inflation since 2000, I’m not sure what the difference is but it is considerable, especially in the last two years. I think we should take a serious look at this.”

Chairman Brooke Harris asked if the salary considerations were included in the current budget process and County Administrator Carissa Knapp explained that a legislative salary raise would require a separate local law.

Knapp when on to comment that NYSAC completed a statewide survey of each county legislature and as she recalls, Allegany county was, “very much on the low side.”

That comparison of salaries isn’t available to the public although a representative from NYSAC said that each county has a copy in the Human Resource/Personnel department.

District 3 Legislator Adam Cyr spoke up in direct contrast to Barnes suggestion that a pay increase was due:

“I will only say this one time: I absolutely would not accept a raise in pay, especially at the beginning of a recession,” Cyr stated.

Budget Committee Chair Brooke Harris then wrapped up the over two hour meeting by keeping the door open to future legislative salary debate.

The entire meeting is available online on the Allegany County Facebook page

“A subject for another day, thank you for your comments Mr. Barnes.”

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