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By Lacey Gardner

The Town of Bolivar rallies residents to fight crime, contact Albany over “bail reform”


Town officials address “rapid rise in lawlessness”

Dear Residents of Bolivar,

The Town of Bolivar is discouraged about the current uptick in drug usage and other crimes in our beloved community. The board members hear you and wish we could do more to help. Because of Albany’s recent bail reform our town is experiencing the same rapid rise in lawlessness as the rest of the New York State. State and local law enforcement officers, officials, and judges are doing everything they can under these extreme circumstances. The Town of Bolivar respectfully request all residents to work together in hopes of making a difference.

We implore you to do the following to help improve our part of Allegany County NY:

We respectfully ask, “if you see something (crime); please say something.” Please call 911 immediately.

Call or message Governor Kathy Hochul’s office (518-474-8390 or to respectfully request her to have the courage to repeal “Bail Reform”


The Town of Bolivar Board


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