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Local civic leader responds to recent columns on NY public safety legislation


A note to Bob Lonsberry and Bob Confer

Dear Editor:

I’m writing in response to opinions published here on New York State’s recently enacted public safety legislation and its so-called victimizing of certain amusements (namely war reenactments and sleep away camp.)

To Mr. Lonsberry:

Rather than whipping your readers into a froth then leaving them to stew in your vitriol, why not suggest a reasonable legislative solution, such as organizing to lobby the State Legislature for a special permit option for reenactment events?  The new legislative session begins in January.

To Mr. Confer: 

The Girl Scouts recruit summer campers without glamorizing guns. “All resident camp programs offer swimming, boating, outdoor cooking, crafts, archery, games, horseback riding, hiking, outdoor skills, and other activities to enjoy.”

If the future of Boy Scout summer camps is so tenuous that it depends solely on rifle merit badges, there are surely larger problems afoot. The “hunters, public safety officers, and military personnel of tomorrow” to whom you refer can get this “exposure” elsewhere.  But I agree that contacting one’s legislator is the proper response.

Karen Ash, Angelica NY

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