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Allegany County Legislature in session Wednesday September 7, read agendas


Committee of the Whole will start a full day of public meetings

By Andrew Harris

The “COW,” the committee of all legislators which often includes the most open discussion and debate of issues before the board, is planning on a long meeting starting at 10:30am. That committee doesn’t provide an agenda.

Public Works highlights will include updates on major projects and a contract with UDig NY. Of interest and included in the meeting agenda is the snowplow agreement between the county and towns through 2025. Road salt and sand contract with pricing is also posted in the agenda for today:


The Public Safety committee agenda will include reports from several key county departments.

Brian Perkins, STOP-DWI Coordinator; J.R. Santana Carter, Public Defender; Jeff Luckey, Emergency Management and Fire Director; Keith Slep, District Attorney; Robert Starks, Probation Director; Gilbert Green, Weights & Measures Director; Rick Whitney, Sheriff; and County Administrator Carissa Knapp. Read the agenda for detail reports from several departments:


The next committee to meet will be Personnel but the provided agenda provided no information about the details of the meeting.

Human Resources will be the last meeting of the day for legislators. The Health Department, Social Services, and Office of the Aging will be providing monthly reports to the committee. Much of those reports are included in the agenda below:


Remember all public meetings in Allegany County are live streamed on the county Facebook page. Visit this link to watch todays meetings or future meetings.

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