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Video and photos: $5 million dollar scratch off ticket winner at 7-Eleven in Wellsville


The same type of $10 Set for Life ticket sold at the same 7-Eleven in Wellsville that won a resident $10 million.

The second big scratch off win in Wellsville since October 2021 $10 million dollar winner


For the second time in 10 months, a huge scratch-off lottery ticket was sold on Main Street in the village of Wellsville.

The first was a Wellsville woman who won $10 million at the Wellsville Marathon gas station and convenience store (formerly Mobil) on 215 North Main. This time, a $5 million ticket was won at the 7-Eleven (formerly Sunoco A-Plus) on 1 South Main Street.

The winner in September allowed the lottery to use her photo and name, which is online. The Wellsville Sun has learned the identity of the latest winner, however, it can not be confirmed for publication due to a LLC filing.

Wellsville-based Limited Liability Company calling itself Wellsville Asset Protection Management has claimed a top prize on the New York Lottery’s Set For Life scratch-off game.

According to state records on file obtained by the Wellsville Sun, Wellsville Asset Protection Management, LLC was incorporated on June 17, 2022 using a post office box in Wellsville. The company type is a “domestic limited liability” and the winner used Wellsville attorney Michael B. Finn to set up the management.

Finn is listed as the chief executive officer and the registered agent of Wellsville Asset Protection Management, LLC.

Lottery officials said winning ticket cost $10 and is called “Set for Life” as the ticket guarantees a minimum payout of $5,000,000 or up to $5,000 a week for life.

The LLC chose to receive the $5,000,000 as a single lump sum payment totaling $2,418,374 after required withholdings, the lottery said.

The ticket was purchased at 7-Eleven on the new lottery kiosk. There is still one more winning ticket.

Lottery officials said New York’s scratch-off games generated $4,517,682 in total sales during fiscal year 2021-2022. School districts throughout Allegany County received $12,194,937 in Lottery Aid to Education funds during the same period.

Since there is ONE $5 million jackpot left, John Anderson goes to 7-Eleven in Wellsville to buy the same ticket and tries to get the same results.

About the New York Lottery

The New York Lottery continues to be North America’s largest and most profitable Lottery, contributing $3.6 billion in fiscal year 2021-22 to help support education in New York State.

It is unclear if the corporation existed before the lottery win or was established for the purpose of protecting the winners identity and minimizing tax liability.

Either way, Wellsville has been on a roll as within 10 months, two scratch off winners, totaling $15 million dollars were sold to local residents in the village.

Here is a link to the story on the $10 million winner and a few photos below.

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