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The Rufus Scott and Albert D. Howe connection


Wanda Dean explains the birth of her home, Howe Terrace

By Andrew Harris

The Wellsville Sun did a quick feature of Rufus Scott, the namesake of Scott Avenue in Wellsville and so much more. The man was a titan, an icon of the Civil War and the post- Civil War era in our nation and our county. You can read that feature story here if you missed it.

Our dear friend and lifelong Wellsville resident Wanda Dean is also an artist, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and much more.

Wanda, like many readers, loved the story about Rufus Scott and has a great follow up story about his connection to Howe Terrace, a now a cul-de-sac off Scott Avenue. Wanda shares a beautiful home there with her also-famous husband, John Dean.

Wanda tells us that Rufus Scott sold his mansion to Albert D. Howe, a local developer and builder:

“This is the mansion he built, right where our house is standing today.. As I understand he wasn’t happy with the taxes, so he sold it to a Mr. Howe who eventually tore it down and started building houses on what is now Howe Terrace. Our house, 2 Howe Terrace was the first house he built in 1940.”

Dean tells the story of how this unique side street off Scott Avenue emerged after Howe had demolished the mansion:

“There are 7 houses here. He was quite an interesting man.. the story goes, that in the process of building each house, he moved his family in each one. The last house 1 Howe Terrace was decorated with stone, and the mason made a wine bottle, pouring into a glass from the stones, and when he found out, he moved his family out…. He didn’t approve alcohol, so the story goes…. The ‘wine bottle and glass ‘ is still there along with lots of other stone. Howe used the stones from the mansion to decorate all the houses on the street!”

1 Howe Terrace

This iconic house on the corner of Howe Terrace and Scott Avenue shows off the exterior design that make the homes on the terrace so unique.

Thanks to Wanda for the great follow up story and thanks to Albert D. Howe and Rufus Scott for creating such a great neighborhood in Wellsville!!!

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