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Overnight storm in Wellsville causes 100,000 gallon discharge into the Genesee River


Untreated wastewater entered the river for nearly three hours

The Wellsville (V) WWTP NY0020621, NY0020621 is issuing this notification.

Discharge location: 152 Bolivard Road, wellsville, NY

Location details: 

Waterbody affected: Genesee River

Discharge description: Wastewater sewage

Potentially impacted public areas: Unknown – 

Discharge date and time: 07-25-2022 00:00:00

Discharge duration: 170 Minutes

Discharge reason: Blockage, Weather Conditions –  Storm event caused bar screen to plug off

Steps taken to contain discharge: cleared bar screen

Volume/rate of discharge: 100,000 Gallons Estimated 

Treated state of discharge: Untreated

Additional information:  

For more information on the Sewage Pollution Right to Know Act visit SPRTK.

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