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Bravo Michael T. Baldwin: Veteran newsman retires from radio after 41 years


Baldwin begins a larger role with the “Sun” starting July 2022

By Andrew Harris

Let’s be honest, without Michael T, there would be no Wellsville Sun. The founder of WQJZ 93.5FM also founded the Wellsville Regional News(WRN) which began publishing daily news in a “blog” format over a decade ago. Michael T operated that site as a community service, he didn’t take a dime in advertising or contributions. When he made the decision to end WRN, the “Sun,” stepped into that role with his blessing and also his daily assistance. Without that support and contribution, this site would not be possible or successful.

Today, after over four decades as a broadcast journalist, Baldwin will hang up the microphone and turn a new page. We are very happy to announce that chapter will be taking a much larger role with “Sun.” After the 4th of July holiday you can expect to see much more daily reporting by Michael T. In his own words, Baldwin explains this latest career evolution:

“After 41 years of searching, compiling, recording and reading local, regional, state, national and international news to listeners (and being in the face of lawmakers), my broadcast career officially ends on June 30th (despite what anyone says). FYI, I will return to local meetings, to keep local people aware of what is happening. I’m happy to slowly transition to Wellsville Sun (.com). An evil health trend brought me to this decision. I always said, when radio was no longer fun…well for 40 years it was a blast…but today I have trouble making words…so bye bye radio. I have days where I speak normally…and days, not…so…much. Switching from radio news to posted news is a challenge, but local gov dudes watch out…I’m back, capturing quotes, pics…Hell, whatever life allows me. Some local officials already said ‘can we talk.?’ It’s gonna be a fun ride! “

This new phase of Baldwin’s career in news will be providing our readers with more daily news: More police reporting, much more coverage of local government, and something that will delight anyone who longs for the days of Wellsville Regional News.

As part of Michael T’s new pact with the Wellsville Sun, he will be providing readers with two weekly “Looking back at WRN” contributions. HIs hand chosen blasts from the past will bring readers back to important events in recent history and provide historical context for current events. Besides the nostalgia, the fact is that history repeats itself making this a very important news development.

Readers can communicate directly with Michael T anytime at with news or opinions and suggestions for releases from the WRN vault.

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