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By Lacey Gardner

Giant Food Mart celebrates spring with wild leeks


The seasonal treat is featured in several products that are in-store now

By Andrew Harris, photo by Bob Confer

The flavor lands somewhere between garlic and onions, with a bite while still eaten raw. When cooked and added to favorite recipes, leeks take on a savory and earthy taste. Some might use the word “pungent,” but many describe these spring treats as delicious!!

This year at Giant you can enjoy the flavors in several ways. First you have them in the raw, by the pound in the produce department. Grab them before they go and create your own wild food masterpiece dinner.

Perhaps the most popular way to enjoy leeks is in a cheesy dip. Many local recipes over the years have created wild crowds, angling for the last bit to spread on a Ritz cracker. Check out the deli section at Giant for their version of this regional delight.

In the butcher shop, you will find a signature item at Giant over the years: leek sausage. The recipe blends leeks with in-store sausage for a backyard cookout you won’t forget. Don’t wait long to run down to Giant and grab this special blend for your weekend meal. Available in links, rings, and bulk sausage.

While you are in the store, check out these great specials, these great deals ends at store close today, Saturday 4/30. New sale items will be announced tomorrow!

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