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My Name is Allegany County: Celebrating “Bump the Dump,” Video and gallery


April 5th is the 32nd anniversary of the historic protests

By Andrew Harris

What would Allegany County look like today if residents didn’t “Bump the Dump?” New York State was planning on using several sites to dispose of nuclear waste until Concerned Citizens of Allegany County organized the effort to stop the state effort. Not only did CCAC repel the waste dumping, but they created a standard for civil disobedience and non-violent political action.

Plenty of those who stood up to the state plan and organized the successful protest are still key members of the community today. My dear Mary Gardner Ruch, Wellsville’s Michael T. Baldwin, local journalist Kathryn Ross, the Beckhorn family, Spike Jones, Dr. Bill Koch, and co-founder of the Fassett Greenspace Elaine Hardman. Many others are still proud to be part of our community and proud of the accomplishment over three decades ago.

Below are some of the archival resources that document the people, events, and news of that historic time in Allegany County.

Activist interviews:- Gary Ostrower Interview– Elaine Hardman Interview– Bill Coch Interview
Writings on Bump the Dump from Howard Appell:– The April 5th 1990 Protest– Why the Mushroom Masks?

Anniversary Article Series:– CCAC: The Beginning by Elaine Hardman

Civil Disobedience by Thomas Peterson

The Art of Fighting a Nuke Dump by Susan Beckhorn

All the neat people in Allegany: The story of a Bump the Dump aficionado by Kathryn Ross

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