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NYC homeless concerns reach new “heights,” child killer Eric Smith is engaged, Russia versus NY retirement funds, Threats to Erie County Fair officials, New Bills stadium grumblings

By Andrew Harris

Homeless man nesting in NYC park tree

A man has been living in a makeshift tree nest in Riverbank State Park in Manhattan, likely since at least mid-2021. When the leaves fell off the tree that the man was sleeping last autumn, it revealed a nest wrapped in blue plastic tarps. The man living in the nest is fairly wild and is defending his perch adamantly. Reporters for the NY Post have been on the scene to photograph and interact with the man who seems to be both a recycling aficionado and a litterbug. Read the whole story with pics:

Killer in love

Eric Smith, who at age 13 killed a small boy in Savona NY and shocked the nation. Decades later, Smith has been granted parole and is planning a new life outside of prison with a new bride. As Smith plans his fairytale wedding, his victims and the community can take some comfort in the fact that the admitted child killer is still in prison. The New York State Department of corrections is still holding Smith due to a lack of proper housing after his release. You can enjoy the entire love story here thanks to WETM and also read John Anderson’s reporting of Smith’s release:

Russia holds 300 million dollars in NYS retirement money

In response to the economic sanctions by the United States and European allies, Russia has taken measures that directly impact New Yorkers. When western sanctions began against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, Russia retaliated by closing its stock market. The NY pension fund managers attempted to quickly divest the portfolio of Russian investments, but in vain. The funds had already been locked and future of the retirement money of NY teachers, police, and firefighters is unknown. Read more from the Post:

Erie County Fair officials threatened with violence

When you think of the local county fair, a wholesome family experience comes to mind. Erie County Fair officials had to “lockdown,” and call the police after deciding to cancel the annual parade for firefighters and veterans. Apparently the annual event had gotten out of control in recent years with dangerous incidents. Fair officials wouldn’t comment on the incidents other than to call them, “embarrassing.” Many of those who are angered by the decision to cancel the event are not lashing out with violence, several peaceful protests have occurred and online petitions are being circulated. Read WIVB’s full scoop:

Buffalo Bills Billionaire’s Billions Baffle Big Apple Bigshots

Terry and Kim Pegula, the owners of both the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres tout a combined net worth of about $5.9 billion dollars. As some of the wealthiest humans on the planet, some downstate NY politicians are publicly wondering why taxpayers are about to give the Pegula’s a one billion dollar bill for the new Bills stadium. The current bill for the taxpayer stands at about 75% of construction costs, which is a stark increase from 15% of taxpayer subsidy provided to the Yankee Stadium project. Powerful Manhattan state Senator Liz Krueger has recently spoken out about the project. Read the full story by Robert J. McCarthy of the Buffalo News:

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