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What’s going on behind the scenes at the Wellsville Giant Food Mart ?


New owner Nick Kusmierski explains the work in progress

By Andrew Harris

When you walk into the Wellsville Giant Food Mart its clear that things are changing fast. The new owners are excited to share the inside scoop with the community. As the Kusmierski’s have stated from day one: They plan to invest heavily in the Giant Food Mart stores and those plans are moving forward quickly. We asked Nick Kusmierski to explain where the family business efforts currently stand:

“There are some changes coming to Wellsville Giant and they are happening right now! We are going to go through a bit of a décor change. The old signage and fixtures throughout the store are being removed, walls are being prepped for paint and repairs are being made. The décor change will be a work in progress as signage and painting will be a few weeks in process. Signage has a long lead time to create and then install.

In addition, we are making some changes to the bottle return area. There will be a separate room that is going to be constructed that will house some automatic bottle return machines. That will clean up the layout of the store a bit, making the carts be located in a better spot and hopefully help the flow of the store from the moment the customer walks in. We do have some refrigerated cases on order too, but those are going to be a few months out (if we are lucky). That will help the merchandising throughout the store as well, which we hope will make the store more attractive to the customer as soon as they walk in the door.

I can’t forget the floors either! We are having flooring repaired throughout the store. Once the painting and floor repairs are complete, they floors will be stripped and waxed so that they shine. We have to wait for construction and painting to be done before we do that though.

I can’t give an estimate when everything will be done, but I would expect that there will be activity in the store over the next couple months. We have to work with long lead times from contractors and fixture manufacturers. We are pressing them as much as we can to have things sped up, but they can only do so much.

Besides these major physical improvements to the store, we ask Nick about some of the other services which are still impacted by the ownership change, namely WIC payments and lottery services.

Nick explained to the Wellsville Sun that the WIC payment option will be up and running very soon. The government has to complete inspections of the store and give the final green light. Lottery sales should also be back in service very soon. The staff has been trained and Giant Food Mart is ready whenever the state delivers the new terminals. Stay tuned for more updates from Nick and the team at Giant in Wellsville and Cuba.

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