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Treatment Options For COVID-19 Now Available


From the Allegany County Health Department

As we continue to combat COVID-19 infections throughout the state and in Allegany County, we want to inform the public that there are treatment options available. Each of these treatments have proven to be effective againstCOVID-19 and are available throughout New York State. Treatments can be organized into three categories which are outlined below:

• Pre-exposure Prophylaxis
. To be given to those who are immunocompromised or otherwise
unable to get the COVID-19 vaccine prior to being diagnosed. Product: Evusheld.
Monoclonal Antibody Treatment. Provided via IV soon after diagnosis (within 7 days of
symptom onset). Currently authorized products include: sotrovimab & bebtelovimab (ONLY if
none of the preferred therapies are available, feasible to deliver, or clinically appropriate)
Antivirals. Administered soon after diagnosis either via IV (within 7 days of symptom onset) or
orally (within 5 days of symptom onset). Products include: remdesivir (IV), Paxlovid (oral) &
molnupiravir (oral).

Since treatment options are now available and supply continues to increase, if a person tests positive for SARSCoV-2 (COVID-19), the Allegany County Department of Health encourages individuals to speak with their Primary Care Provider to evaluate all treatment options as early as possible. The ACDOH does not have access to these options at this time and you are encouraged to speak directly with your healthcare provider. Availability of these medications in Allegany County and surrounding areas (all except remdesivir) can be found using the COVID-19 Therapeutics Locator.

If you are looking for a COVID-19 vaccination location, go to, check out the Allegany
County Department of Health Facebook page, visit, or call the Allegany County
Department of Health at (585) 268-9250 for more information.

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