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I’m not selfish or ignorant, Mr. Harris


By Shelly Dunne

Mr. Harris, your article on the response to the Covid-19 virus is indeed critical of anyone not sharing your point of view. I, too, have been paying close attention since March 1, 2020.

What I have seen put forth as guidance from our government agencies lacks consistency, specific references to studies, is a complete divergence from previous knowledge and procedure of immunology, and a methodical discrediting, intimidation, and silencing of doctors previously lauded as experts who happened to disagree with Dr. Fauci.

Why would doctors be silenced for coming up with treatments that have saved thousands of lives around the world? Because they were medicines that the patents had expired on and they provided treatments that would scotch the ability of Big Pharma to get EUA for their vaccines. A government that will allow thousands to die in order to allow their partners, and themselves, to profit beyond their wildest dreams is not to be trusted with my health. Pfizer is projecting profits of $26 billion dollars from the vaccine. Whether the vaccines are effective or not, why do I have to take them again?

 It is easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled. I survived the omicron in spite of three co-morbidities and am in possession of natural immunity. You need not worry about the state of the publicly distributed mask–their only possible protection is to keep you from spreading droplets to others, but again, not really effective- and test kits, which are notoriously inaccurate.

How about we behave like adults who can do our own critical thinking and research and take responsibility for our own choices? If you are worried or afraid for a loved one, stay home. If you are sick, stay home. I have an elderly father I care for, and we are careful about where he goes and how many people to whom he is exposed. Because he is an intelligent adult, I respect his choices.

 I grow weary of being characterized as selfish or ignorant by people who are accepting unquestioningly a narrative full of holes from a government that is shamelessly panicking the public for its own gains, financially and politically.

 I’m not selfish or ignorant, Mr. Harris. I am someone who remembers what empirical science, critical thinking, and personal responsibility are all about.

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