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Coal Tar Banned As Driveway Sealant

NYS has banned the use of the substance typically used to seal asphalt driveways. Creosote has been determined to be a cause of cancer and is often found in drinking water and ground water near paved areas. The ban is expected to take about two years to begin.

Adult Survivors Act In Danger

Survivors of Sexual Assault are shocked that the bill which will allow adults to file charges for violent assaults without any statutory time limits is stalled in the NYS Assembly, after passing the Senate.

“If you are 18 and assaulted by an OBGYN, you crawl into your shell you don’t even know you have the opportunity to go to court,”said Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, Assembly sponsor of the bill. “And that’s basically what I’m telling people is that as we have all learned, it takes time to process what happened to you.”

Contact State Assemblyman Joe Giglio and tell him this law, like the Childs Victim Act that inspires it, needs to pass in order to hold those accountable without statutory time limits. This is a step toward stopping sexual assault in all forms. Contact his office immediately

New Luxury Camping Site in Watkin Glen

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul helped break ground on a really neat new recreation site in Watkins Glen, near the International Motor Speedway. The 48 acre resort was created for 1.9 million dollars and is ready to capitalize on the expected “post-Covid” tourism boom. See the whole story here.

Buffalo Bounty Hunter Charged

A Pennsylvania Bounty Hunter has been charged with multiple crimes after entering an apartment, guns drawn, to take custody of a wanted man. No warrant was served or appears to have been issued and members of the Buffalo Police Department were on the scene with the bounty hunter, and appear to have supported is warrantless actions. The bounty hunter held a child and pregnant woman at gunpoint amidst the ten counts of criminal behavior. Read the story in the Buffalo News.

Upstate Man Arrested For Shooting Tannerite

Ever hear a loud BOOM in the distance and wonder what the heck just exploded? There is a good chance it was a Tannerite target, ignited by a rifle shot 100-500 yards away. As kids we’d be able to buy smaller Tannerite targets that we would shoot with .22 caliber and the explosion was comparable to a small firework. These same targets can be much larger and with a much bigger Boom. Sounds like the NY State Police are issuing tickets for this recreational use of explosives which raises heads 10 miles away. Read the Whole Story Here

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