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Beauty in Belmont by, Delleny Molisani

PHOTO GALLERY: Introducing the 15th Allegany County Legislature, plus new committee assignments


Images from today in Belmont and new committee assignments

Photos by John Anderson

Take a look inside the Allegany County legislative chambers today as the new government took shape. Don’t miss John Anderson’s in-depth look at new Chairman Philip Stockin and upcoming reports on committee assignments.



  • HUMAN SERVICES:                                                                        

Chairman:  Burdick,   Vice Chairman:  Ricketts-Swales                            

Committee Members:  Hanchett, Harris, Root, Rumfelt

  • PERSONNEL:                                                                                  

Chairman:  Ricci,  Vice Chairman:  Hanchett                                             

Committee Members:  Burdick, Havey, Ricketts-Swales, Root, Rumfelt

            Special – Negotiations Liaison Committee  (Sub-Committee of Personnel)

            Chairman:  Ricci

  • PLANNING AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:                           

Chairman:  Root,   Vice Chairman:  Barnes                                   

Committee Members:  Curran, Cyr, Hanchett, Healy, Ricci, Ricketts-Swales

  • PUBLIC SAFETY:                                                                            

Chairman:  Havey,  Vice Chairman:  Rumfelt                                            

Committee Members:  Barnes, Cyr, Demick, Harris, Healy

  • PUBLIC WORKS:                                                                                         

Chairman:  Fanton,  Vice Chairman:  Demick                               

Committee Members:  Barnes, Curran, Cyr, Healy, Rumfelt

  • RESOURCE MANAGEMENT                                                          

Chairman:  Curran,    Vice Chairman:  Cyr                                    

Committee Members:  Barnes, Fanton, Hanchett, Ricketts-Swales

  • WAYS & MEANS:                                                                            

Chairman:  Harris,    Vice Chairman:  Fanton                                            

Committee Members:   Burdick, Curran, Demick, Havey, Ricci, Root

  • Special – Budget Committee   (Sub-Committee of Ways & Means)            

Chairman:  Harris,  Vice Chairman:  Healy                        

Committee Members:  Burdick, Demick, Fanton, Havey, Ricci

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