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Opinion: My experience with Industrial Wind Turbines


To the Community of Andover, Independence and Wellsville

My name is Stuart Perks and I now live in the Wellsville area after having to sell the home I loved in Hartsville, NY for the simple fact that a wind farm was being proposed in that area. What I would like people to know are the BAD health affects that wind turbines can have on the human body caused by the infrasound that they give off. 

I used to manage the grounds of a campsite in Cohocton that was very close to industrial wind turbines. After a few days of working close to the turbines for several hours a day I started to have debilitating muscle spasms in every part of my body. At first I thought I was just dehydrated but after being away from the camp for a few days I noticed the spasms stopped. Once I returned to the camp, they started happening again. The pain was something I can’t describe. Everyone knows how painful it is when you get a leg cramp but imagine that across your whole body. I was in agony and I would hate to see anyone, especially young children, experience such pain. I found out over time that many others were suffering a wide variety of symptoms from the infrasound as well. I have since attended many Town board meetings to warn people and set up Facebook groups to help others.

On another note, the property I sold did not retain it’s value and I estimate lost approximately $30,000 simply because the buyers knew transmission lines and turbines would be sited close by. Now, living in the Wellsville area, I’m praying I don’t have to sell my new home due to a wind farm coming here. 

Wind turbines are NOT “green” like people have been led to believe. Each turbine contains approximately 350 gallons of oil and they have oil warmers and coolers that all pull electricity from the grid. There is NO proof that turbines reduce CO2 omissions and they contain rare earth metals in which the mining of these is causing massive pollution in the world. And what about the disposal of broken blades that are now being disposed of in landfill sites NEVER to rot? How can that be considered “green”? The decommissioning of a wind farm in the future would cost millions of taxpayer money yet the wind companies are only willing to put around $40,000 dollars in escrow for the towns. That’s ridiculous! I’ve had the opportunity to see many landowners contracts which takes away the rights to their land for a measly few dollars after they had been lied to and sweet talked into signing a contract. Wind turbines are not “green” and only run on “green” government subsidies. I would advise any landowner to NEVER sign a contract and be very aware of the health and safety issues they cause to people as well as the huge loss to animal life. 


Stuart Perks

Town of Wellsville Resident 

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