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Town of Alma Clerk/Tax Collector Michelle Staedt resigns, read letter


   Clerk/Tax Collector abruptly quits with warning about Attorney General investigation, Town calls emergency meeting for Tuesday 12/21

Outgoing town of Alma clerk and tax collector Michelle Staedt suddenly resigned her post on Thursday 12/16/21.  Here is her letter of resignation:

According to interim town Supervisor Shaun Taylor, the resignation is effective immediately.  The town issued a public notice for the emergency meeting today: 

   “An emergency meeting has been called by the Alma Town board scheduled Tuesday December 21, 2021 at 6pm. The purpose for such meeting is due to the resignation of the Alma Town Clerk/Tax Collector. Under the Public Officers Law 31 the Alma Town board will make their appointment to fulfill this position for the remainder of 2021.”

The purpose of that emergency meeting will be to appoint a new, interim town clerk and tax collector to serve out the remainder of Staedt’s term.

This resignation comes on the heels of Michelle’s husband, former Alma town Supervisor Ronald Staedt, resigned in September of this year. You can read Michael T. Baldwin’s reporting on that story below:

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