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Allegany County Legislature has a busy week ahead


Legislators and legislators-elect will wrap up 2021 business and prepare for 2022

By Andrew Harris

The coming week will wrap up the work that Allegany county legislators began in 2018. This session of the legislature officially concludes at the end of the year, and the week full of meetings will finalize that work over the last four years and begin preparing for the all new legislature. First thing Monday morning the Committee of the Whole will host an orientation session for the incoming 2022 board.

Beginning at 2pm, Curt Crandall will preside over his final full board meeting and he’ll be working harder than ever. The board will move through 39 resolutions, most of them to approve annual contracts, but one resolution will be a historic exclamation mark on the end of Crandall’s historic reign. As the longest serving Chairman in Allegany County history, Crandall will hang up his gavel at the end of the year with a $7.5 million dollar investment into the future.

The first resolution the board will tackle on Monday December 13th is to move that funding:

“That the sum of $7,500,000 from Unassigned Fund Balance is hereby placed in Committed Unappropriated Fund Balance for the purpose of future economic development infrastructure projects in Allegany County.”

Read more about that historic investment in the future of Allegany County’s economy in our recent talk with District 3 Legislator Debra Root.

The resolution is almost certain to pass with the crack of Crandall’s gavel before the legislature moves on to a heap of resolutions. You can read the entire agenda and each resolution below:

On Wednesday December 15th, the Committee of the Whole will be back in the chambers, the special session doesn’t provide any agenda. Several other committees will meet to bring the year and session to a close, culminating with another special session, the Personnel Committee at 3pm. That meeting is likely to address the recent vacancy in the District Attorney’s office but no agenda was provided.

Of interest is the Budget Committee meeting where county Treasurer Terri Ross will provide reports on revenues and expenses. The good news from that report will be that sales tax revenues have continued to grow. The dramatic increase in sales tax revenues during 2021 allowed the legislature to agree to property tax decreases, another last minute feather in outgoing Chair Curt Crandall’s cap.

Read the financial reports provided:

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