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Beautiful tulips on Main Street Wellsville by,Mary Iantorno

The Golden Crone: The Charge


 I am conflicted. I have to do a totally new thing. Something I have no experience with. Something that has the swirling darkness of The Unknown.

The Unknown is tops on the list of !Stuff I Don’t Wanna Do! Honestly, until this thing came to light I didn’t realize my aversion to TU. In hindsight, it should have been obvious when, on the day my oldest daughter was induced, I thought “I think I’ll just stay pregnant.” If I’d had my way I would be thirteen years along with my first child.

 Now that’s funny! Except I hated being pregnant. It made me sick, uncomfortable, nervous and depressed. The day my girl was born I was born as well. The very thing that frightened me so much I was willing to whither, forced me to bloom. My child is a miraculous human. She is all six of the bees knees. When I brought that kid into the world, I made it better.

 Ya know what? Every time I have stood at the precipice and leapt I’ve landed Up! The Unknown is just a portal. A path from my current spot, (which is lovely and comfortable and I am eternally grateful for) to the trail head of my next journey. As I recall past pathways my heart begins to swell. I have learned, grown and gained at the steps of every doorway. My most precious people have guarded the gates. I’m charging through.

Who’s coming with me?

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