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Words from Wiser: Odds and Ends


From Chuck Wiser, 11/4/21, “I write the words to share what my eyes see and my heart feels.”

Prologue: I don’t have a major theme for today’s Wiser Word’s so will just discuss a few random thoughts. I do have one minor single theme however and it has been discussed by me before. It was suggested to me, via third party communication, that I should be cognizant of some of my reading audience when I discuss controversial topics, like Covid vaccinations, when they also get shared on the Wellsville Sun Facebook link. I have mixed feelings about that, but here’s why I continue.

I care as much or more about the actions of those close to me as I do about strangers. Therefore, if I feel compelled to “preach” to those unknown to me, about something that I feel strongly about, why should I not share those feelings with those closest and dearest to me. 

Thus, I feel compelled once again to bring up the subject of the Covid vaccinations. We, here in Allegany and Cattaraugus Counties are leading the State in Covid Virus infections, and oddly enough, because we lag behind all other areas in our percentage of people vaccinated. As a whole this virus has made a significant impact on the entire country, and we are certainly a major contributor to that.

Instead of being on top of this virus situation and despite early successes showing vastly declining numbers of cases due to social distancing, mask wearing and mandated shutdowns, we have seen a major resurgence of cases and deaths.

Several things happened around the beginning of summer. Based on early successes in reining in the spread of the virus, mandates were lifted, businesses were opening, and vaccinations had begun in earnest. As people started getting their vaccinations restrictions were lifted. Mask wearing was “suggested” even with the newly declining number of new cases. People started getting out and about, started mingling and having family gatherings, and quit wearing their masks.

Then, as often happens with illnesses, the virus still spreading, albeit more slowly, mutated as the strain became more resistant to natural antibodies, and got stronger. The Delta variant, which was more contagious, now stronger, started infecting more people. More and more people were infected. More people unvaccinated started getting infected in greater numbers due to that status, their renewed mingling, and their refusal to “mask up”. People that were already vaccinated, initially 90% or so, resistant to the virus were now somewhat less immune due to the strength of the virus and some “wearing off” of the vaccine effectiveness.

Not getting the vaccine became a movement all of its own. “I don’t trust the science”; “You can’t tell me what to do”; “People in my age group don’t get sick even if they do get it”; “It’s my body, I’ll do whatever I want to with it”; “It’s a violation of my rights to make me get the vaccine against my wishes”. “See, I told you it wouldn’t work, my neighbor was vaccinated and still got the virus.”

That last one bothers me the most. His neighbors, neighbor, didn’t get vaccinated, then caught the virus, and spread the virus to him. Nothing like “Love they neighbor…so share with him, but don’t love him enough to help protect him by getting the shot.”

The Delta variant causes more infections as it is more contagious. The Vaccine immunity is weakening over time, leading to “break through” infections. Vaccinated people are getting infected by unvaccinated carriers of the virus. People are not wearing masks, are mingling more in public and not social distancing.

I had compiled statistical data showing the dire news of this resurgence and just how dangerous this pandemic rebirth has become. We need 100% cooperation to bring this under control and as of right now Allegany County is still less than 50% vaccinated, and that is the leading factor in our being one of, if not, the most, contagious Counties in the state. But those who need to see that data, will not pay attention to that data.

Do not blame the government for issuing mandates. If unvaccinated, you are the reason there is a mandate. Do not blame the restaurant for turning you away; the business for refusing to serve you; the business or activity for asking proof of your vaccination. In my mind there is only one group of people that are responsible for this. There is only one group of people that is to blame. There is only one group of people that could bring this serious Pandemic under control and help put it behind us.

Vaccines are available. Vaccination can be done at no cost. Vaccines are scientifically safe for all except a miniscule percentage of people with other medical conditions that do make it not acceptable. If 100% of those eligible and medically able to get the vaccine did so, then nearly the same percentage would be safe.

Only ONE group, and that is YOU, if, you are unvaccinated, can do the right thing.

Do the right thing, It will make us safe, and I bet it will make you feel better for having done so.   

Epilogue: I lied. I got caught up in the passion of this topic, and just said my piece.

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