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Early morning in Wellsville, by Melissa Scott

Ly Kesse wants you to vote Democrat in District 5


Hello, my name is Ly (rhymes with ‘sea’) Kesse and I am running for the county Legislature in District V.

I wanted to run four years ago, after realizing the Republican candidates were running unopposed. I thought the lack of choice was terrible.  This year, voters have a choice.

First I’d like to outline my top priorities for Allegany County, and then explain why I am a good choice. Legislatively, I would like to improve our economy, while making good use of our natural resources.

Information, products and people need to move seamlessly and efficiently both in and out of Allegany County for our local economy to improve. This should be the Legislature’s top priority.

The dearth of good paying jobs presents the County with its greatest challenge. Broadband internet for all & transit issues (both mass transit and roads) are both ways of connecting people in the county with the outside world. They also serve as possible venues for improving the business climate. That should improve the outlook on employment.

For Broadband internet, I would like to encourage either community run Broadband or not-for-profit run Broadband. Roads always need to be upgraded. I would also like to see the rail service used, for passengers and not just for freight.

Additionally, we should capitalize on our greatest asset – our vast, undeveloped spaces and farmland – to help strengthen our local economy, while also healing our planet. Two areas with great potential are solar farms and regenerative agriculture. Harnessing nature’s strengths, both are good uses for fallow land.

Revitalizing small farms would be a boon for the County. This place is home for many who long to farm for a living. (As a by the way, my husband and I are launching a community solar garden.)

Regenerative agriculture captures atmospheric carbon dioxide through growing crops, which sequester the carbon dioxide in the soil. This establishes a carbon neutral way to raise beef and chickens, especially as many opposed to the New Green Deal dislike the emphasis on vegetative protein. In this scenario, the animals’ manure fertilizes the soil, improving the soil and promoting biodiversity.

Improving the soil through regenerative agricultural practices will also improve the productivity of small farms, which in turn improves the employment outlook. This builds a stronger local economy.

In contrast, the Midwest has become one large economic wasteland as small farms decline and industrial farming prevails. It may lead to cheap food, but at the expense of community. Never mind the natural world.

I have worked for decades in the field of accounting, giving me expertise in organizational finance and budgeting.

Having had grants funded, I will help the legislature develop public/private partnerships to put information, training, and technology in the hands of our farmers and other landowners.  Enhancing soil health enables it to absorb carbon.

As a Democratic and Working Families Party candidate, I believe in government, which is why I am running for office. As an elected official, I will devote my time to working in harmony with existing state and federal policies – to take best advantage of them for the good of our people.

This is a future I believe in, and will fight for, as a County Legislator.

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