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Alfred State College Announces Public Forum Schedule


The public is invited and encouraged to attend the presentations noted to learn more about the possible future projects that their communities could undertake.  William C. Dean, Alan H. Vlakancic, Matthew A DiRado are teaching the Urban Design Studio program this semester at Alfred State College.  Each class has taken on a community in Allegany County to look at the current state, other community precedents and possible projects that could be undertaken by the community in the future.  The Urban Design Studio’s Community Visualization Studies of Belfast, Belmont, and Fillmore will be reviewed by the public during these sessions. These ideas can be incorporated into other plans such as a Comprehensive Plan or the Local Waterfront Development Plan that are utilized to guide the community and secure funding in the future.

The presentations will be done by the students of the class.  A short Q&A will be held after the presentations.  The posters will be put up for the public to review approximately one-half hour prior to the presentations.

Each studio met with a team from the community at the beginning of the semester and did field evaluations.  They have then developed preliminary plans and sketches that were subject to an interim review with a group of stakeholders. The students then worked to revise the plans and drawings in preparation for presentations to panels of planners from the region. Professor William Dean noted “We have structured the project this way for a number of years, and have had good results.  It exposes the students to a group of different design professionals, and allows them to test out their presentation skills (organization/delivery) prior to going before a larger group.”  These are the final presentations that will be held in each community.  Ultimately, the students will present a slimmed down version of this work at the virtual Appalachian Teaching Project Conference sponsored by the Appalachian Regional Commission.

The Schedule is as follows:

Belmont: Wednesday10/20 @ 6:00 PM in the Genesee Valley Central School Cafe (enter through the back). 1 Jaguar Dr, Belmont, NY 14813

Belfast: Thursday, 10/21 @ 5:30 PM in the Town Hall/Fire Hall located 13 Merton Ave., Belfast, NY 14711.

Fillmore: Tuesday, 10/26 @ 6:00 PM in the Fillmore Wesleyan Church sanctuary. 20 E Main St, Fillmore, NY 14735.

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