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Schumer, Clark talk about new Ljungstrom contract and Alfred State’s involvement


By John Anderson, 10/11/21

As Senate Majority Leader Sen. Charles Schumer talked during a visit to Wellsville on Monday, he mentioned the new contract at Ljungstrom/Arvos and the working relationships. The former Air Preheater landed work as part of the Sunrise Wind project and Gov. Kathy Hochul said over 100 jobs are coming to Wellsville.

Schumer asked Dr. Craig Clark to speak. Clark wears two hats as the Vice President of Economic Development at Alfred State and also the Executive Director of the Allegany County Industrial Development Agency. 

“I wanted to thank Sen. Schumer and his staff. That work grant that we got for $1.4 million that will help train welders at both Ljungstrom and Alstom is a real game changer,” Clark said. “We will be doing more training, but a lot of it specialized training that was not available, so we will be importing some trainers to do that. And they would not have gotten that big contract for the wind energy if they had not gotten that big contract, so thank you, Sen. Schumer, that made a big difference.”

Ljungstrom employees will be welding windmills that will be placed off-shore. Clark also talked about what he has witnessed with the IDA.

“We’re also, as the Allegany County IDA, very excited about Ljungstrom being able to change from coal energy to clean energy,” Clark said. “That’s a great story and you don’t see it happen too often. They’ve worked very hard to change their model of operations. It’s a great company, they have a great organization and we can’t wait to help that workforce be the workforce be the workforce it warrants.”

Schumer praised SUNY Alfred and added, “”I believe it’s 100 workers here and 100 over to Alstom. It’s going to help get more jobs.” Schumer and Clark said with these programs in place, there will be more changes for contracts in the future.

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