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A heartfelt message and request from the author of “Words From Wiser”


By Chuck Wiser, 10/1/21

I am not writing this under my normal headline/title as “Words from Wiser”, as I reserve that honor for my scheduled Thursday column slot. I hope to be writing these “wiser” words from my heart and soul with the deep conviction that I can appeal successfully to the conscience and humanity of a certain segment of our population.

I feel that those opposing getting the vaccination against the Covid Virus, are misguided and wrongly believe in, the many excuses and rationale used in fighting against common sense and scientific evidence.

Some of these people refuse to read, study, or absorb the tons of proof and evidence contrary to what they think is “their science”, and even constitutional “rights” and “freedoms”. I am convinced that they cannot be convinced.

What has finally pushed me into reaching out in appeal to the human decency and compassion of many of those referenced above is, as of yesterday, I (and many others) had a pending “elective” surgery canceled. I was devastated. I am now facing months of continued pain and suffering.

Let me share my view of what Elective Surgery is and isn’t. Elective surgery is not surgery based on vanity, convenience, or whim. Elective surgery is not considered “urgent” or “emergent”. Elective surgery IS, surgery that is required. Elective surgery IS necessary to alleviate pain or repair damaged or deteriorated joints, bodily components, or appendages. My elective surgery IS necessary to repair and replace a shoulder joint afflicted with severe arthritis and joint deterioration so progressed that it limits mobility, strength, and functionality. Shoulder joint reversal (my scheduled surgery), knee replacements, hip replacements etc. are not procedures prescribed or ordered “on a whim” or for convenience or vanity. THEY ARE NECESSARY! 

Hospital surgical and general population staffing has been decimated and compromised by workers refusing to get vaccinated, and thus voluntarily leaving or being removed for failure to comply with mandates imposed out of concern for the health and welfare of their patients. Surgical suites are stripped of staffing, reducing the institutions safe and capable processing of “elective surgical procedures”. Spreading a virus throughout a medical facility is not an option. Mandates are necessary.

Why can’t staff members just provide proof of vaccination? Two reasons. First and foremost, vaccination is not 100% effective in preventing re-infection (mild, if any symptoms), nor of spreading the virus to yet un-infected individuals. If we were 100% vaccinated, then the risks of exposure or re-exposure go to near zero as the virus is brought under control. Former political claims that the virus isn’t any worse than the common flu, would then finally, likely, be true. It would be controllable and non-disruptive.

Secondly, a significant portion of our population has proven themselves untrustworthy in their claims and even forged proof of their vaccination status. When stores and facilities re-opened, it was for the large part recommended that “vaccinated” individuals could enter unmasked. Un-vaccinated were asked to wear masks. Although vaccination rates in our area were less than 50%, nearly 100% of the people out and about, were mask-less. Apparently not all people can be trusted.

The vaccinations imposed in the 50’s and 60’s that wiped out Polio, Smallpox, Mumps and Measles, were not part of a government plot to “steal rights and freedoms” and they are not part of a government plot now. Vaccination mandates are put in place not to “control” or manipulate people, they are put into place to “protect” the health and well being of EVERYONE.

I, as Chuck Wiser, an individual human being, am reaching out to all of those people who are willfully posing a hardship on me personally, and the health care needy in general. By your imposing your will on others, just to make a misguided and misinformed “point”, is not really who you are. I genuinely believe that.

I know many of you. I do not really think that you are as selfless as it would seem. I know you have a conscience. I know that you care. Prove it! Get vaccinated. Go back to work. All will be forgiven, and you will reclaim the respect rightfully due to you.


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