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Op-Ed: Retired Code Enforcement Officer weighs in on flood control discussion


From Jo Fenske, 9/24/21

I spent a great deal and time and effort to obtain my Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) designation while working for the Village of Wellsville. It was intense. I have to agree with LC Whitford’s assessment.

The Town may have saved money in the immediate but may cost residents of Wellsville money for years to come! If the inexpensive quick fix does not meet the strict letter of the law the project could jeopardize the availability of and the COST of flood insurance for years.

It is already high, so let’s follow the rules and not have it go even higher or get surcharged. We have too many properties located in the flood zone to not take the rules and regulations seriously. Does anyone in local Village or Town government begin to understand that? Doesn’t appear to me that they do.

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