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Buffalo Bills Fans React To Vaccine Requirements


From Staff Reports, 9/15/21, Photo From The Buffalo Bills

Western New York football fans are chiming in about the Buffalo Bills decision to require all fans over 12 to be vaccinated. Those under 12 but be fully masked to attend games this season. To date the Bills are only the second team in the NFL to issue a vaccine rule. Fans reacted with a mix of anger and appreciation:

Wellsville native Martin Benz pulled no punches when he wrote on the Bills Facebook page early this morning:

This is medical apartheid and it is shameful. #billsmedicalapartheid

Bills fan Brandon Clifford took the opposite view:

“This is absolutely the right thing to do. People had a chance to comply with the concourse mask requirement and they chose not to.”

A Facebook user named, Hemi Bomber, asks a question about season ticket holders:

They said in the news conference that no exceptions. However what if you can’t receive the vaccine for medical reasons like an allergy and what not? If I have season tickets and if I can’t get the vaccine because of medical reasons, am I going to get my money back???

Bills representatives announced that season ticket holders will be given pro-rated refunds. Another fan quickly responded to Hemi Bomber: “Interested in your tickets!!”

Lisa Gelinas of Rochester NY:

” I’ll be there with bells on and proudly holding my vaccine card, smiling under my mask at all the extra room I have around my seat to enjoy the game. #byebyeantivaxxers Go Bills! 🤘👏

Mike Cambareri is ready to wager that those upset over the requirement are bluffing:

“I’d bet good money 9/10 people saying they’ll never go to another Bills game also said they’d boycott the NFL because of Kaepernick. We all know you’ve got nothing better to do on a Sunday, stop pretending.”

Holli Dowling and other fans have used the opportunity to sell tickets:

“Anyone want to buy 2 tickets for 9/26 versus Washington? Section 203 Row 6”

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