Certified Traffic Control(CTC) Delivers Aid From Andover To Flood Ravaged Steuben County


From Cindy Barden Vance, 8/27/21

Jonny Lehman Delivers

Be proud Andover! The CTC truck made a delivery this morning to Woodhull. On the truck: 5 shop vacs, squeegees, boxes of new rags, mop pails, rubber gloves, gals of disinfectant cleaner, buckets of moisture absorbent “stuff”, gals of bleach and much more. A total of 16 gift certificates to Walmart to be distributed in Woodhull. A stop in Jasper to leave 15 gift certificates for the families there. All from donations from Andover. Thank you Andover Hardware for handling the donations, placing the order and the box of items you sent over.

Thank you CTC for the truck and Jonny. Thank you Marsha Clark for your help. Thank you for the items left at the hardware and the items from a Wellsville resident. Thank you Mandi Phelps for your help. Special thanks to the ex Andover people who live out of state and made the effort send money. Apologies if I have forgotten anyone. Information given to me is that 75 families in Woodhull and 15 families in Jasper were affected by the flood. Not counting the Jasper school. Keep them in your thoughts. Andover….you are the best❤️

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