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V-Ry The Sports Guy: Josh Allen Makes Bank


For the first time in over two decades the Buffalo Bills have their long-term answer at quarterback. The team has inked quarterback Josh Allen to a 6-year $258 million contract. The deal includes a league record $150 million guaranteed and the $43 million per year average makes Allen the second highest paid player in NFL history. It’s a steep price, but quarterback money is always worth it, a fact Bills fans know all too well.

Allen is the first quarterback from the 2018 first round draft class to receive a lucrative deal. In effect, this contract has set the market for future quarterback signings. Josh Allen is the best quarterback from his draft class and gave the Bills a bit of a discount because of what they’re building. Quarterbacks that are inferior to Allen are going to land larger deals in the near future.

Baker Mayfield, the first overall pick in 2018 has numbers that pale in comparison to those of Josh Allen. In addition, Mayfield only has one playoff appearance to Allen’s two. Sam Darnold, the second quarterback taken has never been to the playoffs and is now on a different team. Allen was the third quarterback taken and is the odds on favorite to be this season’s MVP. The fourth quarterback taken was Josh Rosen who has never been a full-time starter and is now on his fourth team. The last quarterback taken in the 2018 first round was Lamar Jackson who will likely never be the overall quarterback that Allen is. Ravens coach John Harbaugh said earlier in the offseason that there’s “no hurry” to give Jackson a new contract.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane has once again proven why he’s the best executive in the NFL. The contract he crafted for Josh Allen is a steal and extremely team and salary cap friendly. Beane continues to work his magic, retaining the team’s core players which had been a perennial issue under previous management. It also furthers his commitment to drafting well and developing and resigning their own.

Brandon Beane and Josh Allen just get it, they get Western New York, they get Buffalo, and most importantly they get BILLS MAFIA! They’re the best at their jobs and even better men and ambassadors for a loyal, table breaking fan-base! Allen summed up his new contract with a quote for the ages stating “I know they didn’t pay me for what I have done. They did this because they expect me to continue what I’m doing and expect me to go win this team some championships.”

That’s our quarterback.. Where else would you rather be?

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