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Allegany County Seniors: Fraud Prevention Event Deadline Is Tuesday August 10th


Anita Mattison, from the Office For The Aging in Allegany County wants all county residents, especially seniors to be aware of this upcoming event:

  “I want to make sure people know that the registration deadline is tomorrow, and that registration deadline is only for those who need a “one on one,” with the Center for Elder Law and Justice.  The event is open to the public and anyone can call and sign up to attend after that Tuesday 10th date.”

We asked Mattison to give some good examples of recent scams that have impacted Allegany County residents. It seems almost all of these criminal acts of fraud target the senior citizen demographic:

“Scams that we have seen in Allegany County include the Grandparent Scam, which is where a scammer calls and pretends to be someone’s grandchild and states they need help and not to tell their parents. They then have them wire money to the scammer. We have seen COVID vaccine scams where scammers call and say the people need to pay for their COVID vaccine and ask for payment or personal information to bill for the vaccine. Also the Social Security scam where someone calls and says they are from Social Security and ask the older adult to “verify” their Social Security information.”

Senator Borrello’s office has been integral in putting this event together for most of the counties in his NY Senate District. Read our previous reporting on the event:

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